Old Particular Tamdhu 11 years old

48.4% alc./vol.
Sherry Butt #DL12577, November 2006, Bottled May 2018, 407 bottles.

André 83%
Carried on cereals and vanilla from the barrel, dried wood and pears, melon with honey, mashed apples. Very peppery in the mouth, good dose of cinnamon too, despite the creaminess of honey and vanilla relegated to the background. We still have notes of pears and apple pie, dried cereals and fruit salad. Long finish very peppery and with a touch of oranges.

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey, with a lot more pep than most whiskeys I have drunk from this distillery. Nose: cooked apples, citrus and a maritime note. Palate: First the citrus fruits, then the fruits that were cooked, a little salt and a woody touch. Finale: A good length, salty and spicy.

Martin 83.5%
Nose: Tropical fruits, especially pineapple. Light vanilla and smoke. Shy notes of stewed potatoes and cinnamon. Palate: Delicately peated fruit salad. Barley and peach apple. Oak and white pepper. Final: A skilful recovery of the flavors expressed since the beginning of the trip. Balance: Without throwing me down my chair, I must admit that this whiskey enjoys a consistency that I have not seen often, and at all stages.

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