Loch Lomond 18 years old

46% alc./vol.

André 78%
Honey cereals, oranges, fruit jam, peaches, apple pie, citrus fruits, apricots, honey melon. The nose is superb, the fruit intense and well tied. It spoils in the mouth, with notes of odd wet cardboard and a dose of pepper quite intense. Well sweet all the same, fruit salad syrup, orange pods, chocolate, pepper, wild fruit jam, anise, ginger, eucalyptus-flavored flu-smashing candy. Flavors almost musky. Sweet powder from Bazooka gum packaging. Peppery finish and dry on oak wood, the limit a little tannic too. An unstoppable whiskey with an attractive nose but an unbalanced mouth and amalgam of dubious flavors.

Patrick 88%
A good whiskey, surprising, tasty and a little original. Nose: Light peat smoke, with ripe fruits and a good dose of cereals. Palate: Peat smoke, barley and unobtrusive notes of ... Boiled vegetables? Finale: Of a beautiful and spicy length.

Bowmore Vintage Distillation 1984 Limited Edition

58.8% alc./vol.
Limited edition of 2208 bottles, bottled in 2000.

André 77.5%
At first glance, it impresses a vintage Bowmore 84 but it hides a surprise. What a homecoming, I feel to return to my first bottlenecks of the distillery with this floral flavor. This is definitely an edition that will not please everyone, singular and powerful violet fragrance. Sea nose, dried sea salt on the pebbles strolling on the beach, soap gum, violet, soapy sherry, distant peat smoke, a little dusty too. Powerful on the palate, alcohol grows quickly as well as it softens with the notes of soap gum perfumed with violet from which salted maritime reminders and offshore winds. Final punch of sea salt and crushed pepper, strong alcohol. One of the weirdest bowmore ever ... uniform, questionable flavor arrangement, balance more than questionable. The taste of peppery soap gum is destabilizing in ti-sin.

BenRiach Heart of Speyside 2018

40% alc./vol.
Essentially aged in ex-bourbon casks. Its name comes from its geographical location in the heart of the Speyside region not far from the city of Elgin.

André 73%
Vivid hints of weeder bag filled with wet green grass, green apple, mower wheels topped with earthy mud, honey and whipped cream. Summer definitely seems to be missing. Rectilineal and soporific, but it's nothing compared to the texture in the mouth ... Shit ... Vanilla flavored water ... flat, no love, nothing. Notes of pepper and cinnamon, malted barley, diluted vanilla, white flowers, grass and delicately industrial peat notes. Short final on vanilla and dried cereals in wet grass. A good improvement over the previous edition, it is also one of the rare flagship editions to have improved since the departure of Billy Walker.

BenRiach 14 Vintage 1998

55.9% alc./vol.
Virgin American Oak Finish, Distilled 1998, Bottle August 2012, From Cask #2828, Bottle 286 of 307.

André 85%
Almonds, pineapple with dried and grated coconut, bananas, all baked, beautiful lemony freshness, cake of angels and meringue, pastries. Beautiful creamy texture on the palate, notes of meringue and butter cake, pineapple, lemon, purple grapes and green grass. Once again, freshness is at the rendezvous. The finish is spicy and powerful, the alcohol is well felt, notes of greenish oak wood, cinnamon, ginger. Benriach a little stripped and slightly lacking balance.

Glenmorangie Allta Private Edition 2019

51.2% alc./vol.
Allta, meaning "wild" in Gaelic and pronounced "al-ta". For the 10th Anniversary in 2019 from its pioneering collection - Private Edition - Glenmorangie unveils the first whiskey created from a wild yeast developed directly on Cadboll's barley from the distillery. The idea originated in Dr. Bill Lumsden's mind when he collected valuable grain samples at random from one of his walks in the fields near the distillery. He then discovered that barley was producing wild yeast never before identified and began to combine these two ingredients to create a creamy and aromatic whiskey. It has been aged in barrels of Bourbon, including several barrels of second filling to reveal the fruitiness of the spirit.

André 83%
Back in childhood with this super-sweet whiskey reminiscent of grandma's pies, pie crust, oranges, honey, malted cereals and wild berry jam, apples and citrus fruits. Strangely, some flavors make me think of rye, by the peppery and spicy accent that appears more fiercely in the mouth. After two sips ... ouch, direct notes that resemble virgin oak ... then apricots, apple pie, malted cereals, citrus and honey and a weird floral touch. Long and peppery finish, oranges and virgin oak both tannic and creamy. A tasting challenge but not in my palette of tastes.

Patrick 89%
An intriguing whiskey, which reconciles me with Glenmorangie, who take the path of cool innovations here! If you consider yourself a trippy whiskey, you take this bottle! Nose: A floral perfume, with vanilla, a touch of citrus and ... What must be yeasts, coudonc! Mouth: Beautiful spices, biscuits, flowers, citrus fruits, a good dose of chili ... In fact, we swear a single malt created by an American micro-distillery! Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy and marked by spices and yeasts.

Martin 82%
Nose: Rich and sweet. Sugar powder, liquorice, heated caramel and black cherries. Grass and bark of wood. Palate: Return of licorice and grass, supported by large spices. Leather background and new make. More or less on the check here. Finale: Sugar powder in potency with cinnamon, pepper and oak. A strand of mineral lemon. Balance: For an anniversary edition of "private editions", I was expecting a fanfare much bigger. Companta, where are you?

Compass Box Phenomenology

46% alc./vol.
Inspired by phenomenological thinking, Compass Box did not initially want to provide either the recipe or the whiskeys that compose it, nor any aromatic description on the packaging or the communication media. This is why consumers are invited to taste this whiskey objectively. The recipe for the blend of whiskeys used to create this blend was unveiled a few months after its release: 24.5% Tamdhu 2001 15 years - 1st fill Bourbon barrel, 72.0% Glenlossie 1996 21 year - Hogshead Rechar, 2.0% Highland Park 1997 - 20 years old - Rechar Hogshead, 1.0% Talisker 1996 21 years old - Refill Butt, 0.5% Caol Ila 2006 11 years old - Hogshead.

André 92.5%
Lemon trees in bloom, vanilla, pears, bananas, lilacs, wild berries, cherries, honey. Exquisite on the palate, what texture, waxy and fruity as well as with a good sugar level; fresh green grass, lemons, oranges, bananas, pineapple, cherries, pears, green apples. There is also a powdery floral touch reminiscent of lilac. Then follow the flavors of red fruits, cherries and red apple peel, licorice. After 2-3 small sips, notes of coconut and distant peat smoke, toasted oak wood, milk chocolate. Finale sweet, full and exquisite. Succulent!

Patrick 82%
An extraordinary scent that I would have spent hours feeling, but the taste in mouth ... Bof, perfect for shots, and again. Nose: Mmmmh, appetizing! Light smoke, biscuits, dry wood and a basket of dried flowers. Palate: Spicy and charred oak, dried flowers and a discreet smoke. But, compared to the nose, the mouth leaves me on my appetite. Finale: Medium length, marked by charred wood.

Signatory Bruichladdich 25 years 1990

58% alc./vol.
Refill Butt Cask #141, 26th, 1990 Bottle, 2 bottles, 2015 bottles

André 86%
Superb nose with a maritime twist and gourmet flavors; yellow apples, pears, honey, almonds, a touch of red fruits too, orange pods. Beautiful oily texture that takes you quickly to the body with love, whiskey immediately glue everywhere in the mouth. Fruit and tropical fruits, apples, wild fruits, sea salt and crushed pepper. The finish is long and sustained, very spicy, really very spicy ... A real surprise between the announcement of the nose and the final which is completely opposite the aromatic spectrum. Big plus points for the succulent texture, but less points for the experience and the arrangement and harmony of flavors that is difficult to follow.

Patrick 92%
An excellent whiskey, so easy to drink !! It's good, simply. Nose: Sweet barley, red apple and a beautiful bouquet of exotic fruits. Palate: Beautiful ripe fruit, burnt wood and well cooked apples. Finish: A long, rich and intense, with a little sugar and a nice dose of vanilla and fruit.

Port Askaig 8 years

45.8% alc./vol.

André 89.5%
It smells like a long hike on the fiery beaches of Islay Island, the freshness of the fresh air, the dried sea salt on the lips that the Golf Stream has brought from the immensity of the Atlantic, the bowl of fruits tropical food brought to support hunger and a desiccant lemon drink after a stop on the beach where we lit a beach fire consuming some dead wood orphans from the sea. The mouth is full and generous, fresh lemon, honey and pears, tropical fruits and sea salt and a nice sweet grass peat smoke, almost with the sweetness found in old peat whiskeys, this wisdom of age and refinement. Salted and smoked caramel finale. Superb contextual whiskey, I loved my experience with each sip.

Patrick 86%
A good whiskey, but that seems to have been a little too diluted. But hey, it's still a good value for money, so yes. Nose: Exquisitely green peat fragrance, grassy, ​​salt and fresh oak. Surprising at first, but still appetizing. Palate: Salt, peat smoke, herbs, burnt oak and subtle vanilla. But all seems to have been too diluted. Finish: Medium in length, slightly smoky, salty and grassy.

BenRiach 21 years Tawny Port Finish

46% alc./vol.
This Benriach has aged in traditional American bourbon casks before being refined in Tawny port casks from the Douro region of northern Portugal.

André 86%
Raspberry and cherry jam, crushed black pepper, dried fruit. The palate is a little diaphanous and faded, faded and almost diluted, the texture is a little too limpid despite the intensity of the very fruity flavors; jam black cherries and raspberries, plums, dried fruits, raisins, oranges, red licorice, very aromatic but a really ordinary texture. Nice fruity finish but lacking in character. I had much preferred the edition of 15 years with which showed a slight passion and a surprising intensity.

Patrick 90%
A whiskey as I love them, with beautiful sweet sherry and a beautiful set of balanced flavors with brio. Nose: Sweet candies with fruits, barley sugar and especially, so enticing. Palate: Burnt and spicy wood, intense red wine, and barley sugar. Yummy. Finish: A good length, fruity and slightly spicy.

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