Schenley Silver Wedding

40% alc./vol.
Schenley Distilleries, Canada.

RV 76%
Very far sweet peppermint, much too clear and discreet. Quite clean, but spicy with a clear finish. Not the kind we taste proudly but still drinkable.

Russian Prince

40% alc./vol.
Bacardi, Canada. Distilled three times.

RV 75%
Sweet and subtle on the nose, for the least expensive vodka in Quebec, which on top of the market comes in a plastic bottle, it promises to be not so bad. The arrival in the mouth begins with a sweet hardwood clover pulling weakly on the side of sour gin, and in the end everything is wasting, with a transition to mint, unfortunately followed by a rapid attack of alcohol, and an aftertaste who leaves only the tip of the tongue perplexed that such a beautiful thrust ends so lamentably. This is the kind of bottle that we would like to be able to affix the epithet of great misunderstanding exquisite, but that does not deliver. All an annoyance.

Reyka Iceland Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Iceland. Filtered in the lava rock.

RV 84.5%
Must breathe for a long time before producing noticeable leaves, currants and earth cherries a little timid compared to the omnipresence of the cape stone (tufa) and chalk. Very discreet arrival in the mouth with the stone that continues, but beautiful crescendo of sugar and spices in the final, subtle and very clean. The volcanic rocks of the filtration know very well control the reins of the flavors that are present without being overpowering. The path of subtlety can sometimes give better results than that of daring. Maybe a little too calcareous for my taste, but well cut in precise phases, perfect to evaluate the subtleties of development of this alcohol.

Rain Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Frankfurt, Kentucky, USA. Made from 100% organic white wheat and distilled by Buffalo Trace, manufacturer of the famous George T. Stagg Straight Kentucky Bourbon.

RV 84.5%
Leafy, halfway between mint and cactus leaves; very green with a discreet pepper, like its small point of starch. On the palate, the mint this time very sweet and sweet continues but does not evolve much, on the other hand in the end it is the spices and the stone that wake up quite loudly to take the palate. The aftertaste back on starch is light, almost too much, but I prefer more such a vodka that leaves only an ethereal memory to that which can leave a juniper or persistent plastic disaster. As an introductory vodka, this quietly fragrant, late-summer shower wakes up just enough senses to continue the experiments and discoveries.

Polar Ice Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Toronto, Canada. Distilled 4 once, with a fairly common name: Polar Bear also exists in Russia and Australia, but it is not the same producer.

RV 75%
Pretty uniform on the nose with an impression of Christmas cane. Totally absent in the mouth, but a near aftertaste of plasticized rye. With a fairly obvious lack of personality, without being bad, when one of the strengths is to be one of the least expensive ... we move quickly to something else.

Pure Ultra Premium Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Rougemont, Quebec. Made entirely in Quebec. Note that his name is only Pure coincidence with the name of the site (which existed before the vodka).

RV 82.5%
Apple peel with a little juniper, quite controlled with a little honey nose. The apples slide on the tongue but turn into propane and sheet metal. The finish is a little more metered and conventional. A weird local vodka, which should be bought for all summer mixes, which is correct bue straight (so it deserves to be called Premium) but as for me, there is still room for improvement to get away from the final a bit too metallic.

Myer Farm Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Ovid, Finger Lakes Region, New York. Made from sweet winter wheat grown on the farm itself.

RV 79%
Nestled in a lost corner of the Finger Lakes, the finger is not subtly lifted, but not very high. From the nose I fear that the experience is dry, not as much grain sugar as sharp vanilla. Just as brutal in the mouth, it is sufficiently long coppery ... and unfortunately with a slight taste of juniper.

Moskovskaya Osobaya Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Московская особая водкаIndia, Russia, 1894.

RV 81%
Sweet, sweet, lustrous and sweet fragrance. Spicy arrival in the mouth but not supported by a very varied scenario, even if the final reveals it full of spices, without the sugar promised to the nose. Not at all unpleasant, better than the mix but not from there to be eagerly sought, a movie with a trailer of thunder that disappoints. But what a nose!

Luksusowa Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Poland, 1928. With potatoes.

RV 85%
On the nose: sweet and vegetal. Taste on the palate, with a spicy, starchy and slightly smoky finish. A good typed standard, perfect as a start without crunching his tires in the adventure of discovering vodkas. Another beautiful Polish without contradiction.

Lucky Bastard Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Saskatchewan, Canada.

RV 83%
Honesty beyond flamboyance. Mint-nosed toothpaste (a bit like Newfoundland's Iceberg) in a wheat grain background. Heavier on the papilla than an unnamed vodka, the crisp finish returns to mint. Not the longest or most original on the market but frank, with a high coefficient of mixability.

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