Battlehill Bowmore 28 years old

43% alc./vol.

André 88%
Wow ... Intensely fruity, the undeniable influence of cask sherry ... Intense as nose, wild red berries, salt and orange filament, honey. Palate with a texture a little soft, but beautiful flavors; fruit jam, wild fruit, porous soapstone style feeling that reminds me of old editions of Bowmore, cherries and strawberries, the nose reminds me of the 1985 Bowmore 650 $ the bottle, but this one is selling 130 $ ... There has something that hangs in my mouth, the soapy side perhaps, a bit too intense, but the flavors are still far from traditional Bowmore and many fans would see only fire. Finely fruity soapstone, finely salted.

Patrick 89%
Nose: OMG! An old Bowmore: The sea, sherry, the power of the oak, the soapstone and the dark chocolate ... Exquisite! Palate: Sherry, sea, soapstone. Then smoke, dark chocolate and oak. I have the impression to find the good old Mariner 15 years of the early 2000. Finale: Salty and spicy, of medium length. Balance: Whiskey extraordinary but ... But there is a "but" important: The texture in the mouth is ruined by a low alcohol level that gives us a feeling rather ... Aqueous. Finally, if not the masterpiece that I hoped, it still remains very good. An old Bowmore, expectations were rather high!

Martin 82%
Golden clementine and medium gold. Nose: dusty mint. A cough candy, heated and old, as if he had long been behind a furnace. Pastille Halls without any trace of peat. The marine side of the Bowmore, but without its precious smoke. Palate: Fruit compote with some spices. Low weight in the mouth. Mint and strawberries. An image that strikes decisively, a Slush Puppie with blue raspberry. What disappoints is the virtual absence of the classic character of the distillery. Finish: Long and flat on the slip notes previously stated. Balance: Flagrant lack of punch. We point fingers diluted alcohol and insufficient to make this traffic jam. There are few good malts sold to third parties, even 28 years!

Berry's Own Bowmore 1994-2008

46% alc./vol.

André 88%
Fresh peat and iodine notes. Petroleum and highly phenolic. Very well presented on the nose, nice balance even if the elements of the nose are not very subtle. It is more diffuse in the mouth, attenuated but regains strength in the final. Sea salts and lemon appear in the finish and are accompanied by kelp and dried seaweed. Each additional sip increases in intensity. Looks like a kilchoman with a less oily texture and especially less filthy.

RV 87.5%
Why Islay? Reply. As an introduction to Islay, with this bottle it is possible to discover the typical salt of the distillery, accentuated by a good measure of lemon peat. Gently pushed by a wind of freshness, the arrival is quietly to find in the final the good old frankness of whiskey, accompanied by a beautiful finale that confirms this edition as a good introduction.

Patrick 88%
Fragrance of sticky peat, smoke and tar. On the palate, a mixture of spices, salt, peat and tar. Everything starts slowly, but gains intensity towards the final. Finale besides carrying an intense salt which stretches lengthily. A nice catch!

Bowmore 10 Dark & ​​Intense Duty Free Exclusive

40% alc./vol.

André 87%
On the nose, remember the good old Bowmore with its soapy sherry notes, sea sherry, sea salt, oranges, dark chocolate, fruit cake, dried fruit, plums. Beautiful and tasty maritime mouth, salty sherry, pebbles dotted with sun-dried sea salt, ripe oranges, dark chocolate, raisins. Too bad the mouth is a little diluted by the low alcohol content, it affects the texture and dilutes the flavors. The peat is persistent, pleasantly nuanced by the notes of pepper and cinnamon, the sherry is harmonious and finely soapy, the oranges make the whiskey fresh and maritime. Final a little camphor, peaty and very fruity with a residual of sea salt nice. Surprised by this version, beautiful quality for the ridiculous price.

Patrick 88%
A good rich and complex whiskey, but lacking a little depth. But we do not care, the price is right and it drinks well! Nose: Rich salty sherry with hints of oranges, maple syrup and a light peat smoke. Palate: Salt and burnt wood, with fruity notes and some milk chocolate. Finish: A little short, salty and fruity, with a note of peat smoke.

Bowmore 10 years Inspired by the Devil's Casks Series

46% alc./vol.
Fruit of a mixture of Oloroso sherry cask and Red Wine Casks distributed exclusively in duty-free shops.

André 86.5%
Inspired by ... it's a bit like the tribute bands. It's the job but it will never be like seeing the real band show and hopefully the cover load is ok too. Obviously impossible to miss the comparison with the regular editions Devil's Cask which, in my case, did not impress me (not displeased but not impressed too). The nose represents the mixture of barrels used; very fruity Oloroso sherry style greedy and spicy with a peculiar porous pumice stone bottom, beach pebbles topped with Oloroso sherry, dark chocolate, oranges, sea salt, red berries, raisins, cranberries. The first impression in the mouth will leave the taster informed a little doubtful with an impression of "just bof" despite the notorious balance and alcohol level of 46%. The whiskey seems a little diluted at the first sip but improves with each additional lap. What impresses is the sensation of pebbles on which sea salt has dried in the sun, plums and powerful sherry, with a finish of oranges, dark chocolate and some spices. The finish is long despite its sweetness, lots of red berries from sherry cask that come with this porous sensation of stone dust and spices. For the 100 $ requested, for a liter, an honest and very correct whiskey. To be frank, I think this may be the mainstream version of Devils's regular cask. What satisfy hardcore fans for value for money but definitely an expression for whiskey lovers looking for novelty representative but softened by the wine cask ... but I would definitely buy a bottle like this!

Patrick 94%
Wow, a Devil's Cask light! Finally, light, but not too much. Just enough not to feel guilty about taking another drink. I just love it. Aaaaah, if only it could become a regular product at a price just as regular! Nose: Burnt and fruity wine, nectarines, plums, spices and brown sugar. Palate: Rich, spicy fruit, a ton of salt and enveloping smoke. Final: Of a beautiful and intense length. Fruity, chocolatey and spicy.

Martin 88.5%
Nose: Immediately the dusty oak filled with sherry greets us. Red berries, blood orange, thick caramel, toffee, dates, wrapped in a swirl of Islay peat smoke. Palate: Caramel and grapes, oak wood, astringent spices of sherry. Sea salt and dark chocolate. Superb. Finale: Spicy and earthy at longing, long and languorous, it looks like it exceeds its degree of alcohol. Balance: André may say that the bands tribute is not the same, there are some that are solid. In this case, blindfolded I think I would taste a new batch of real Devil's Casks.

Bowmore 10 years Tempest Batch #1

55.3% alc./vol.
Limited edition to 12000 bottles.

André 88.5%
Very sweet, allowing to neutralize the alcohol level of more than 55%. Peat - obviously - a pinch of salt as a bonus and a nice presence of cocoa. Finale on a salty peat reminder, a bit of stone dust. Final of beautiful length. Reconciles me with this distillery that had lost some feathers in its regular traffic jams.

RV 88%
The fruits are very present with strawberry jam without sugar or pectin, with a little vanilla that mixes at all. In the mouth, the fruits are present at the opening but are also quickly replaced by the smoke, then the peat and finally the salt typical of the distillery. The finish is of good length and the alcohol is less obvious than the old cask strength without however being completely erased; it's Bowmore that does not seem to me forced or constrained. A worthy replacement for the late cask strength whose sweet side excuses the extra $ 15, which I would see served well with cranberry trout in a cottage in the bottom of the wood on the edge of a lake.

Patrick 88%
Smoked and salty nose typical of a good Bowmore. To taste, salt, very marked by citrus and light peat. A sure value.

Bowmore 10 years Tempest Batch #2

56% alc./vol.

André 92%
Superb nose, in the line of the distillery. The bourbon cask is in the spotlight; sea ​​spray, sea salt, relatively powerful peat, citrus fruits, oranges and nectarines, vanilla, lemon, green apples, pears, apricots. Powerful in the mouth on arrival, the attack is frank before settling the oily mouth coating effect of whiskey. Then, slowly but surely, the fruit flavors settle firmly; pears, pineapple, apricots, vanilla, lemon, citrus, nectarines, peat a little dirty and maritime, dark chocolate. The peat evaporates slowly in the mouth leaving a feeling of soot a little cold, refreshed by the flavors of tropical fruits. The finish is fruity and peaty, peat wriggles on the tongue like oil in a hot skillet, beautiful waves of citrus fruits and sea salt finish. An ode to the sea on notes of bourbon cask.

Bowmore 10 years Tempest Batch #3

55.6% alc./vol.
The third in the limited batch series, Tempest Batch 3 has been fully aged in first fill bourbon casks for 10 years.

André 91.5%
The medicinal peat of Bowmore with the underlying fruit flavors, oranges and tropical fruits, a lot of honey too, maybe peach then the twin maritime flavors of lemon. The arrival in the mouth is like a shovel in the face, it is powerful, smoked Bowmore style, reminiscent of a beach fire slowly fading in the rain and fruits that reappear gradually, especially in retro-olfaction ( oranges and lemon ... again). The final is just as powerful and truly representative of the "Bowmore style"; peat, soot, salt with tropical fruits. A Bowmore that brings us back to older versions, more punchy and supported. Superb! .

RV 90%
Beaufort has experienced more violent, but what good is the challenge when we can gently sail? To read the label, on the scale of the illustrious captain this edition would be a violent storm; the nose tells me everything else with impressions of a walk in the woods dressed in rabbit in search of eggs of dark chocolate. On the palate, the pleasant stroll remains just as frivolous, flitting among sweet stone, chocolate and even honey. It is in the final that we leave the forest to fall into the plant a little more austere but also more traditional. A marketing in my opinion at least fraudulent ... unless it is intended for new sailors; however, it is in the bottle that has the delicious final word.

Patrick 92%
A beautiful marine peat smoke typical of Bowmore emerges from the glass. Approaching a little glass, we also discover notes of tropical fruits and citrus. In the mouth, a wave of salt and peat smoke. At the second sip, we also discover the notes of citrus fruits and tropical fruits. The finish stretches on a smoke-salty note for long minutes, to our delight. So powerful, so fresh! Definitely a "four-season" scotch: peat smoke for autumn and winter, citrus for spring and summer.

Martin 88%
Ports are places where boats are safe from storms, but exposed to the fury of customs. Nose: A light smoke and iodine peat camouflages behind the sweet vanilla of the bourbon cask. This tape hides his game well for a cask strength. Mouth: We start unsurprisingly with the vanilla bourbon, then to disarm by the bite of his alcohol. We stay with extremely pouted meat on the palate. Blitzkrieg is an appropriate word. Final: Moderately long with a residue of smoke. If it was a scented candle it would be called "Souvenirs of Islay". Balance: In all and everywhere, a whiskey that boasts a lot. Do not get me wrong, it's a great expression, it's just that the expectations were too high.

Bowmore 10 years Tempest Batch #4

55.1% alc./vol.
Originating from an aging in first-fill bourbon casks, this fourth installment of Bowmore Tempest is a small batch bottled to the natural degree that leads us on smoky and peaty paths dotted with broom. A powerful and balanced Bowmore. A little wonder! First Fill Bourbon Barrel, limited edition.

André 86.5%
How can a whiskey with this percentage of alcohol have such a tame nose? Camphor and maritime candy nose, coated with vanilla. The nose is relatively erased and I stay on "my thirst" ... The mouth is stronger, maritime flavors more present, the peat will laugh with restraint in a smile of orange and citrus, toasted almonds and vanilla . Finished peat and smoke, lemony, strangely posed and domesticated. This edition slices abruptly from the previous ones, a more calm and quiet variant. A sunny day on Loch Indaal.

RV 85.5%
A Sherpa recruit at the base camp: beautiful courage, a form already out of the ordinary, but no experience. On the nose at least, peat is as much as salt, but dry hay seems less fresh, as if the mushrooms were blooming under the more common elements of the distillery. In the mouth the alcohol is strong enough and pushes the yellow peat, but is quite one-dimensional. By chance, the final is much more appetizing because the mushrooms have given way to vanilla sugar. Not a bad whiskey for any standard that respects itself, but for Bowmore a counter-performance; fortunately it is a batch that corrects itself more easily than a normal edition.

Patrick 82%
Nose: Menthol, citrus, coconut, vanilla, seaweed. Bizarre, without being quite off-putting. Taste: Oak, lemon, vanilla, clementines and grapefruit. Then, pepper and pine, maritime note trèèèès subtle. Finale: Oak and touch of mushrooms. Balance: Tasted after having tasted 4 old bottlenecks of the distillery, I confess very disappointed. This is an interesting exercise, but for me, Bowmore is synonymous with the marriage of bourbon and sherry casks. For finished fans only (ok, I'm one!).

Martin 86.5%
It has a pretty golden yellow color a little light that is almost like a harmless apple juice. Nose: A fiery departure heavy peat announces us without much subtlety its degree of alcohol. One feels slightly assaulted by pepper and a big fire of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. On the other hand, once one has passed over his small side 728 number, one is pleased to detect vanilla, lemon and butterscotch. Palate: Provides a pleasing roundness in the mouth, but one must hurry to collect honey and vanilla before the peat smoke followed by 55% alcohol take all the coverage. This balance naughts us all the same in a playful way. Finale: Fisherman's Friend with eucalyptus, cinnamon, oak, juniper berries and brown sugar. Balance: Less powerful and asserted than the #3 batch. His big brother is perhaps superior, but this fourth installment remains a big Bowmore that holds up, especially for a lean 75 $.

Bowmore 10 years Tempest Batch #5

55.9% alc./vol.

André 87%
You can hardly do more bowmore on the nose ... Fisherman's Friend lozenges, coastal notes, sea salt, citrus fruits, a lot of vanilla, oranges. The mouth is oily and frankly sexy approaching the mouth, then a good surge of oranges, nectarine, sea salt and peat camphor which remains a beautiful sweet despite the strength of alcohol. By taking care of it, nice waves of salted almonds and nectarines, caramel. All goes back in the final and is accentuated with some notes of spices (clove, black licorice) and then down to slopes sweet vanilla, smoked citrus and orange. Less punches than 3 first editions, but representative and nuanced.

Patrick 90%
Another proof that the question "what is the best distillery in the world", Bowmore is definitely one of the most serious candidates. Another excellent whiskey. Nose: Air salt and citrus. Oily, vanilla and smoked. Palate: Very oily, salty and smoky. Then, citrus fruits, caramel, burnt wood and some nuts. Finish: Long, tasty and marked by salt, smoke and spices.

Martin 89%
Beautiful color of a rich amber that transcends its bourbon barrel. Nose: The familiarity of the distillery jumps in our face. The smoke quickly gives way to salty air and lemon, aromas of Bowmore, and yet a wind of renewal tries to settle on vanilla and blackberries. Palate: Silky texture but assumed, on pleasant notes of iodine, vanilla, citrus and honey, to complete the trip on an unexpected return of a peat which had been too discreet so far. Finale: Here is a beautiful wind of eucalyptus and diachylon that had put me on the ass when I tasted it ages ago at my first Bowmore 12. Then spread gently on a little spice and nuts. Balance: Objectively, a sacred good whiskey. Subjectively, due to the olfactory memory and the human nature, this expression raises me in the nostalgia of my beginnings in the world of the whiskey, and just that, it is worth one more point.

Bowmore 10 years Tempest Batch #6

54.9% alc./vol.

André 93%
Blast of oranges and nectarines, tropical fruits, a pinch of lemon and discreet maritime salt. The peat is coated, present but not mononcle style that monopolizes the evening. You can feel the maritime origins of whiskey, sea salt and citrus, the peat a little grimy, slightly lemony slightly acidic. Wow, great balance, typically Bowmore. Creamy texture on arrival of mouth, shovel of fresh nectarines, hallucinating ... pineapple, vanilla. Breathing, coconut and pineapple ... citrus, oranges. Alcohol is completely absent from the nose and mouth, very dangerous as whiskey. Salty-peppery finish, mixed citrus peat and even those flavors of oranges & nectarines, pineapple and salted coconut. Retro-olfaction of peat and sea salt. Superb, beautiful, beautiful!

Patrick 89%
Without being a classic, it's still a very good Bowmore, which is well above average. In fact, it is better to sip in sip. Nose: Coconuts, tropical fruits and of course everything the ocean can offer as flavors. Palate: Sea salt, seaweed, tropical fruits including mandarin and pineapple. The whole is fresh and intense. Finish: A beautiful and delicious length, marked by salt.

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