Bruichladdich 10 years old (old traffic jam)

46% alc./vol.
Far from other major groups ruling the world of whiskey, this distillery can indeed pride itself on belonging to a small circle of private individuals. Built in 1881 by Robert, William and John Gourlay Harvey, the distillery was rebuilt in 1886, took the form of Bruichladdich Distillery Co. Ltd., but still remained under the direction of the same family. 1929 put 1937 to sleep and was bought by Joseph Hobbs who took advantage of the growing demand for whiskey in the US market. Redeemed late 2000 by the current owners: Mark Reynier, Simon Coughlin (formerly Murray McDavid) and Gordon Wright (formerly Springbank), the stimulus was overseen by Jim Mc Ewan. Dismantled and repaired, the production unit, some elements of which dated from its creation, allowed to distil again from 2001.

André 88.5%
Does the nose smell really good, passion fruit, oranges, zesty? Not very representative of Islay but more than pleasant. One of my favorite versions of Bruichladdich. Simple but effective. Simple is beautiful! We ask for more.

RV 80.5%
Low salted juices in oak and cedar bark, with a Duncan HInes cake mix. Very nutty in the mouth gold it lacks a little length in the final. When he gets older, the vinous expresses himself more but hides what is most subtle. Okay, nothing more.

Patrick 88%
Very saline, slight sherry. Brown sugar. Green banana. Conifers. Citrus.

Bruichladdich 10 years old (new traffic jam)

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 84%
Fresh, lively. To taste, fruity, "zesty", fresh and lively. Although I do not find what I'm looking for in an Islay malt, it is a very high quality malt. However, Bruichladdich's price / quality ratio is still lacking, probably because of their significant marketing efforts. Nevertheless, a well-stocked collection must contain a Bruichladdich.

Bruichladdich 12 years old (old traffic jam)

46% alc./vol.

RV 82%
Really sweet on the nose, with vanilla but little or no peat, but it deserves to breathe a little. The finish is warm and honeyed, and develops slowly with a little ash fallen on an old carpet a little wet. The finish is a little soporific, and makes me think of a blend. Ok if I feel a bit tired and do not want to be challenged.

Patrick 90%
Nose: Vanilla and butter, with oak and exotic fruits. Palate: Salt and spices, then ripe oak and vanilla fruits. Final: Long and warm. Balance: Wow, I understand why I finished the bottle so fast. What happiness! What complexity! What a balance! I love.

Bruichladdich 12 years old (new traffic jam)

46.25% alc./vol.

André 87.5%
Very fruity green grapes, creamy vanilla, cold butter. Sweeter in the mouth, a good wave of grapes accompanied by a floral tip. Very sweet and really refreshing. Finely peated finish, with a return on the omnipresent grapes.

RV 82%
Even on the quiet side of Islay is an instrumental piece that gets lost in the air. First of all with butter and flower, there is no surprise, neither good nor bad. At least, a slightly peated taste with floral lily accents marks a brief presence, both in the mouth and aftertaste. Nothing remarkable, but at least it goes well.

Patrick 90%
On the nose, fruits, barley and oak trying to hide a small maritime side. In the mouth however, the first thing that strikes us is the salt, then the brine, which evolves to a flavor reminiscent of a fish broth of a delicious Asian soup. Barley and a hint of grapes remind us effectively that it is not a soup but a very good Scotch! The set has a nice oily texture that allows to extend the final, which is quite salty, to the point of encouraging us to take a sip more to quench our thirst! A superb scotch, well balanced, offering a beautiful set of flavors and which is simply pleasant to drink in all circumstances, my bottle too quickly emptied.

Bruichladdich 15 years old

46% alc./vol.
This cold unfiltered single malt aged in bourbon casks has been refined in casks containing one of the most famous Sauternes wines. A subtle Bruichladdich, surprisingly smoked. The slight pungency of the peat smoke agrees perfectly with the noble rot (botrytis cinerea) of the grapes. An official version bottled on the island of Islay.

André 85%
More saline than the 10 years of age, oranges have continued their way throughout the 5 extra years of ripening but have now evolved on tangerines. Everything is now accompanied by a taste of fir gum bubbles and conifers, the smell of a damp undergrowth where the soil is covered with pine needles and fir trees. The finish is fruity with a return on citrus and salty pears but the aftertaste is disappointing because of its slight acidity.

RV 82.5%
Hoop barrel rusty and vanilla. Pecans and sawdust of spruce saw with a wave of gas mouthwash mixed with too much oil. On the palate it's a kind of sweet linseed oil. A much better aftertaste than his younger sister, well supported with a return on the sawdust. Ok But bad value for money.

Patrick 84%
On the nose, salt barley. To taste, a little salt, spices, unsweetened cocoa. A very good malt. Saline and sailor, but it looks more like a malt from the coast of Scotland than from Islay. In summary, spices (pepper), salt and malt.

Bruichladdich 16 years Bourbon Cask Finish

46% alc./vol.
Matured in bourbon casks from the Jim Beam Distillery and refined in barrels from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, this edition of Bruichladdich celebrates the 75th anniversary of the abolition of American Prohibition.

André 85.5%
Very fresh, strongly sweet and vanilla. Fruity to perfection. Banana Split with vanilla ice cream, spices. Quite singular but the nose is so promising that even the magnitude of what delivers the mouth disappoints. A bottle to have in his collection, but also that we would like to have paid $ 25 cheaper. A start on the road but a sprinter who does not make the weight in a long distance marathon.

RV 80.5%
Not far from the normal Bruichlabich (although it is increasingly difficult to know what an original Bruichladdich is) a touch more relaxed than usual, with a taste reminiscent of the Bourbon Arran Cask. Sweet on the palate, the taste is little changed and disappoints after the nose. By cons, good final.

Bruichladdich 16 years Cuvée A - Château Lafite Finish

46% alc./vol.

RV 80.5%
A choir where we let the tone of the barrel soloist bury the voices of the choir. Very powerful nose of unripe cherries and very shallow peat bottom. The palate is more tame, but the sour cherry makes the whole uneven. In the end hay and spices explode leaving an aftertaste quite ordinary, despite a nice heat of alcohol. A correct product but far from being in my tastes, with a finish that harms the base that is capable of better.

Patrick 90%
On the nose, through the expected fruity and malty notes, a delicate aroma of hazelnuts surprises us. In the mouth, the words "suave" and "warm" spontaneously come to mind. Very vinous, with a touch of salt and steak spices ... I will also test it with a good filet mignon cooked on the BBQ this summer. An excellent whiskey refined in an excellent barrel for a very satisfactory result! I imagine very well to abuse on a hot summer evening!

Bruichladdich 16 years Cuvée C - Château Margaux Finish

46% alc./vol.

André 90.5%
First thing that catches our eye once the glass is well filled is the color of rosé wine, a mixture of peach and rose. Quite unusual in a single malt. The discovery continues on the nose; flagrances of bunches of grapes freshly picked, light spices. In the mouth, it is delivered with a "complex simplicity", very vinous but without the tannins of these. The surprise is total; a whiskey with the smell and taste of wine and grapes. All is still quite linear until the final, enhanced by a slightly higher alcohol content, allowing a nice retro-olfaction without abruptness but still offers a lot of presence in the mouth. The beauty of the experience lies in the novelty brought and the singularity of it. A nice compromise that will perhaps bring together, as much fans of single malts as oenologists around a good drink, creating beautiful heated discussions on their favorite spirits.

RV 84%
Very very nice nose, but a beauty that reveals a problem grime once the hood open. Rum and sugar cane, moderately sweet and almost burnt orange. The citrus continues in the mouth but suddenly a wave of repellent grapes takes hold of the final and the aftertaste.

Patrick 91%
Vinous, sweet, sweet. Green grapes. Relatively simple, but incredibly effective. Swedish raspberry and blackberry sweets. Dry out your mouth, which is not unpleasant. Will convince the novice as much as the connoisseur. A whiskey that I would gladly abuse.

Bruichladdich 16 years Cuvée E - Château Yquem Sauternes Finish

46% alc./vol.

André 87%
Again this beautiful pink-peach color. Again, this wine fruity nose, grapes and a nice vanilla. More frank and dry in the mouth than the vintage C Margaux, which unfortunately shortens its final or rather that dries up its final. In the line of Margaux, very vinous but less persistence in the mouth, which makes him lose some feathers for its final too steep. Nice but my heart leans for the Margaux finish.

RV 82%
A good warm bread, but we forget easily once the meal is over. Vanilla and beautiful olfactory sweetness. Superb roundness but seems to remain muted. The length also lacks vigor.

Patrick 88%
Barley sugar on the nose. To taste, the sugar explodes and leaves fruit aromas in its wake. Heat effect very nice, but cut a bit too fast in the final.

Bruichladdich 17 years 1992 PX

46% alc./vol.
2 Series, 1992 Distilled, 2009 Bottled, 5743 6000 Bottle

André 89%
Sherry a little winey, notes of fruit paste and berries, fruit cake, hot honey and melted sugar. Dates and raisins, dusty figs. In the mouth, the whiskey is soft and approachable, it makes me think a little Macallan (old version). Sherry is greedy and sweet, a lot of sugar cane and caramel. Flavors of dates and raisins, fruit cake with a spicy finish with diplomacy sprinkled with sea salt. The aromatic palette of this whiskey is certainly limited but the quality of the presentation is beyond doubt. The sherry lover in me is happy.

Patrick 89%
Nose: sherry, ripe fruit and brown sugar. Palate: Brown sugar, warm wine ... OMG! Did I mention "warm wine"? Wow, a nice vinous wave warm and sweet. Final: Long, intense and warm. Libra: In fact, so warm and intense that I would recommend for parties where you do not want to take more than one dram. In short, I like, but in small doses. A bit like a succulent dish a little fat: Just thinking about it saliva, but if it is abused, it will be on the heart for a few days.

Martin 91%
Deep red orange, almost a mix between the strawberry Fruitopia and his colleague orange. Nose: All the typical notes of a sherry cask jump right in the nose, with a bonus of a kind of mulled wine of the holiday season. Brown sugar and berries. Small leather strap. Palate: Beautiful and sweet wave of hot salted caramel, subtly accompanied by leather, tobacco leaf and incense, teak wood aroma. Fruit salad and iced tea. Sublime. Final: Once we are caught, the final refuses to give up. It is here that the peat of Bruichladdich comes to pierce the thick cloud of the influence of sherry. Balance: A dram for special occasions. The "foie gras" of Islay Single Malts. Decadent to the extreme, maybe even too much ...

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