AD Rattray Caol Ila 13 years old Sherry Cask

60.5% alc./vol.

André 89.5%
Nose frank and dry, not denying its maritime and peaty origins but remaining a bit indefinite as long as it does not open the mouth. She does have an accent but has been able to assimilate her refining into sherry casks, a little discreet on the nose but more present in the mouth. Superbly voluptuous displaying a little animal and fruity side, leading to the final maritime and phenolic flavors.

Patrick 90%
Nose of burnt rubber and bacon. Also a nice vanilla to marry everything. On the palate, vanilla, peat and smoke ... All is still very invigorating. Reminds Pierre-Luc of a mushroom risotto? In any case, a small ton of salt. As Émilie says, it looks like a fire! In the final, the salt stretches for our greatest pleasure. A superb whiskey, very well balanced, a pity that the bottle is already empty.

RV 92%
Better than the sum of its parts, it is not a good Coal Ila: it is an excellent Islay, point to the line. Beautiful olfactory Islay ca! Appetizing the beautiful balance between peat and salt, anchored in a hint of maritime land. In the mouth, obliging alcohol, after the salt the heat settles and does not leave before the throat. However, on this floor, it is the powerful peat of Ardbeg that turns into a beautiful suite concluding by flowing gently in the seaweed. For a young 13 years, shows a beautiful maturity and variety.

Adelphi Selection Caol Ila 12 years old

58.1% alc./vol.
Distilled in 2003, bottled in 2015, 285 bottles, Spanish oak, ex-sherry casks.

André 90.5%
Beautiful peat coating a handful of dried fruit, ground black pepper, bacon, chimney soot and hot asphalt falling from the open bucket of the 10 truck wheels. The mouth is surprisingly soft and the flavors are varied and are rising crescendo. Sweet at the start with creamy vanilla and dark chocolate, then ground pepper and more muscular Caribbean spices preceding the freshly steamed bitumen and dying beach fire in the morning breeze. Slender notes of sherry and dried fruits. We even have a few sighs of camphor in the finish of mouth that mix with chimney soot and peat moss. Wow, solid as presentation.

Patrick 94%
The best Caol Ila I have ever tasted, beautifully balanced and wonderfully beautiful to allow each component to express itself wonderfully. Nose: Smoke of peat and seaweed, vanilla, oak and some succulent fruits. Palate: Intense salt, peat, pepper, spices and powerful oak with a touch of vanilla. Everything is enveloped by algae. Final: Long and tasty.

Caol Ila 12 years old

43% alc./vol.
Single peated malt from Islay Island. Caol Ila is the Gaelic name for the "Sound of Islay", the channel that separates the island of Islay from its neighbor, Juara, in one of the wildest areas of the Scottish west coast.

André 87%
Superb. Too bad we do not have access to their products so often because they are really good quality. Peaty, smoked and completely Islay! Wow!

Patrick 91%
On the nose, smoke, peat, wow! To taste, Wow! That's why I like whiskey! Smoked, peaty, a little spicy, all combining admirably well. Attention, we tend to drink too fast! By far the best value for money Caol Ila. 2eme tasting: 88%: 2th tasting: Nose: Peat. Taste: Peat, smoke, strawberries in jelly! Finished with peat, light spices, fruits and smoke. Simple, effective, ideal by the fire of summer.

Martin 88.5%
Nose: Honey and lemony peat. Vanilla and toasted malt, smoke and wood. Some discrete tropical fruits. Palate: Strawberries and peat smoke. Beautiful spices that try to take up space, like a cask strength. Oak and roasted cereals. Finish: Quite long, well wooded and smoky, sweet and spicy. Pleasant heat. Balance: An excellent Islay, who does not try to impress excessively, but who scores all points in good places. Buy when it goes.

RV 87.5%
Like the cleavage of a beautiful, poorly endowed girl; always pleasant to consider, but suffers from a lack of depth. Peat and rye juice. The finish is pretty nil, a little filthy, but a bit like PC6 peat peat peat peat ... and again?

Caol Ila 12 years Fèis Ìle 2017

55.8% alc./vol.
Double Matured in Amoroso cask wood - 1500 bottles

André 93.5%
Wow, what a nose ... Red fruits, industrial smoke, asphalt, sea salt, crushed black pepper, citrus fruits, seafood. The arrival of mouth is very supple, the flavors are ample and intense, bowl of wild fruits, black pepper and sea salt, industrial peat, citrus fruits, red apple peel. The blend of sweet and sweet red fruits contrasts nicely with the animal and industrial peat and the powerful pepper but in the end everything balances beautifully. The finish is long, strong and very peppery. The retro-olfaction is sweet with a peat in the background ... I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick 89%
All the ingredients for a successful whiskey are there, but with too much oak burnt. Nose: Fruits covered with white sugar and vanilla, with a nice dose of smoked charcoal. Palate: Smoked fruits, spices, burnt oak, pepper and charcoal ... Finale: Long, intensely marked by smoke, spices and a nice fruity note.

Caol Ila 14 years Unpeated

59.3% alc./vol.
2012 special edition limited to 5958 bottles.

André 86.5%
An unusual Caol Ila. Fruit salad, exotic fruits, lemon and citrus fruits. There is 20% alcohol hidden somewhere because the nose shows no trace. Pears topped with vanilla and a smoke-burnt far away. In the mouth, the oranges appeared from nowhere, some notes of red fruits and various tropical fruits. Retro-olfaction of citrus fruits. Alcohol hits a lot in the mouth, it surprises a little after the nose so docile. The finish is long and peppery, the alcohol is present but softened by the hints of tropical fruits.

Patrick 91%
Candied grapes, vanilla and peaches escape from the glass. On the palate, a beautiful fruity white wine, with grape and vanilla. In the finish, the white wine has a discreet spicy note. Overall perfect, I want more!

Caol Ila 15 years old 1998-2014 Unpeated

60.39% alc./vol.

André 87%
Destabilizing a Caol Ila presented in this way. Many bourbon cask influences, the nose is creamy and captivating, golden cereals, a sprig of citrus, light caramelized toasted. After an 10 minutes to breathe, strong chocolate notes. Without being super varied, the quality of the presentation is irreproachable. The mouth is super silky, we do not guess the blind alcohol rate. Honeycomb cereals, honey, vanilla bathed in sweet spices, oily sensation and strange flavors reminiscent of the death of peat with a layer of green grass just mowed. The finish is surprisingly mild for such a powerful alcohol level. The notes of almond chocolates also come back above the melee and help soften all the alcohol. In spite of a great quality of presentation and a texture out of the ordinary, the lack of variety of the presented flavors will amputate this whiskey of some precious points.

Patrick 79%
Impressive to see how well they managed to remove all the flavor of whiskey (not just peat smoke)! Fortunately it was bottled by the force of the barrel because otherwise it would have been difficult to distinguish it from a glass of dirty water. Nose: Malt, sea air, the whole is very sweet and sweet. Palate: Salted caramel, chili and herbs. Rather light, and without great personality. Finale: Short and without relief.

Caol Ila 15 years old 2001-2016 Unpeated

61.5% alc./vol.

André 82%
I must admit that I had an unfavorable opinion after reading Pat's review, which, usually, let's face it, notes higher than me. So I tried to put that aside and make my own opinion. The nose is a little anasthetic, nice shades of butterscotch and creamy vanilla, malted cereals, citrus, green apples, wet green grass, salty and maritime background. With the alcohol content of more than 60%, it would be justified to expect to be picked up by an 10 alcohol truck but ... nope, smoothness and the very fat side of the whiskey coats the mouth that is amazingly protected from sneaky and alcoholic bite. The arrangement of flavors is a bit difficult to follow, these same flavors of the nose continue to develop in the mouth and the finish is a little confusing with notes of wet green grass, black pepper and sea salt. General is still generally sweet and very cereal. This whiskey draws a little in all directions and the guideline is hard to follow. But hey, a Caol Ila unpeated definitely offers a beautiful picture out of the ordinary in the Islay whiskey landscape.

Patrick 78%
Thank you Caol Ila for pumping most of your whiskeys. Because I love your peaty whiskeys, as much as those who are not repellent me. Nose: Fragrance of wet cereals a little past date, but still sweet. Taste: Beautiful tasty spices, a ton of sweet cereals, but always this little side of past wet cereals date ... Final: Stretches on past cereals date.

Caol Ila 17 years Unpeated

55.9% alc./vol.

Patrick 76%
Weird ... To drink this Scotch, we understand instantly why we chose to put forward the peat versions of this distillery. To try for curiosity only: We will buy a shot in a pub, but never a full bottle. Nose: After drinking a regular shot of 12, this whiskey seems extraordinarily sweet and fruity, almost like candy. Palate: Here again, the fruit and the sugar. The whole is accompanied by a strange vanilla and notes of fresh and spicy oak, salt, citrus notes and seaweed. In short, a little anything. Finish: Long and carried by notes of citrus and seaweed offering a rather weird feeling in the mouth.

Caol Ila 18 years old

43% alc./vol.

André 84%
Green peat. Nose differs a little from my expectations, but the taste is really different. Really weird, I do not know if I like it or not. You must "feel" for; Intriguing. But the 12 is definitely better and more complex.

RV 82%
Peat green, salty, sweet in the finish. Odd indeed. Iron? Metallic? I do not know whether I love or I love. The 12 years is really better.

Patrick 84%
Green! Barley, salty, iodized; spicy, leafy, a little salt.

Caol Ila 18 years unpeated (2017 Edition)

59.8% alc./vol.
Distilled at Caol Ila, one of eight distilleries active on Islay, this single malt bottled at the natural level is the twelfth limited edition of Caol Ila unpeated. From a vintage produced once a year, from unpeated malt, for "Highland" type blends. Distilled in 1998, this is the oldest Caol Ila age account in this range. Aged in hogshead of American oak of second filling.

André 85%
Nose: Pears, citrus, pineapple, vanilla, some peat, maritime and beefy and very on the bourbon cask. The palate is frank, we feel a lot of the influences of the bourbon cask; citrus fruits, lemon, pears pears, big vanilla, cooked green apple pie, a little sea salt and black pepper. A touch of smoke, intriguing because it's an unpeated version. Final a little too edgy, citrus and orange, of good length with a retro-olfaction of spices and black licorice. Interesting but not in my aromatic palette.

Patrick 87%
One of the best "unpeated" Caol Ila I have had. That being said, I recommend it for curiosity, because in the style of flavors, I prefer a Glenmorangie Astar. Nose: Very discreet and light fragrance, marked by cereals, a little vanilla, citrus and a little sawdust. Palate: Gives me the impression of biting into a well-dried hardwood board! Then, the "plate" leaves us notes of citrus and discrete spices. And smoke very very very subtle. Final: A little short and woody.

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