Dewar's 12 years

40% alc./vol.

Martin 84%
Amber-caramel nuances. Nose: Grain and caramel. Apple, vanilla and raisins. Tiny pinch of alcohol, a very tickle. Palate: Juicy and fresh raisins, kind of fruit. Apples, pears and vanilla. A little spicy and peppered to masculinize the end of the palate. Finale: Fruity and peppery. Sweet and moderately long. Go through the grapes and the lighter fumes to finish on a heavy note of bitter dark chocolate. Balance: Surprising, in a good way. For the price, it's still a good week drama if you can get it. I have the curious impression that this blend is a bit of Dewar's answer to Johnnie Walker Black. It depends on whether you will feel smokier or fruity that night.

Dewar's 18 years

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 88%
A blend as I like them, complex and superbly balanced. Nose: Rich and complex, all in subtlety. In the mess, there are spices, fresh fruit, wood, citrus and vanilla. In short, a bit of everything. Taste: Rich, complex and tasty, with delicious sweet and slightly spicy cereals, some flowers, fruits, caramel and a subtle hint of vanilla. Finish: Medium length, marked by cereals and wood spices.

Dewar's Special Reserve 12 years old

40% alc./vol.

André 87.5%
Almonds rolled in honey, malted cereals, fresh vanilla, a fruity touch and finely floral, kind white flower. Balance and consistency, which is rare in the world of blends, but this whiskey has something to surprise. The texture is divine in the mouth, super sexy, silky and supple, even if a little rectilinear in terms of flavors - honey, vanilla, discreet touch of smoke, dried grains of cereals. The finale reveals some spicy accents. Harmonious set, pleasant flavors, beautiful texture, all delivered at extra cost friends. We ask for more.

Patrick 90%
Easy to understand the success of this whiskey: Superbly built, with everything you need in the right place. I just love it. Nose: Succulent raisins, green apple, caramel, touches of spice and oak. Superb perfume. Palate: Raisins, spices, oak, apples and vanilla. All superbly mixed and balanced. Finale: A beautiful length, fruity and vanilla.

Dewar's White Label

40% alc./vol.

RV 84%
Far from being a white label. For a seemingly boring bottle, opening with a caramel sweet, she insists on standing out from the generic blend. After a mouth-watering toffee speech, she ends her throat election tour with a beautiful burnt toffee. The best Dewar's so far, and it's not because it's the first one.

Martin 83%
In terms of appearance, we move a little away from the sponge to move towards the marmalade. Nose: A light smoked malt welcomes us to continue its journey on vanilla and caramel. On the horizon you can feel a little chord of apples and nail polish. Palate: Not very present in the mouth, focuses more on caramel and vanilla. A little apple oatmeal tries to shine, but its lack of weight combined with a wave of alcohol makes us quickly disillusioned. Finale: Hardly rubber, bitter smoke and spices. Disappointing as to its duration. Balance: Easy approach, and for the price, it looks good. Yet another reason to get rid of his JW Red.

Dewar's 12 years old The Ancestor

40% alc./vol.

André 82.5%
Notes of honey and nuts, flambé pears, pear apples and malted barley. Very approachable as whiskey. The palate is luscious and starts with notes of milk chocolate, dried fruits and grapes, a good sugar content that develops on tones of honey and exotic frutis, orange pods and cherries. What is surprising is that cereal intake does not monopolize the mouth at all and has been fully integrated into the end result. At the second sip, I have the fire of cherry wood and apple tree. Also appear good spices and a light smoke that accompany well the cherry flavors. Finer a little dry and cereal with exclamation marks of spices, pepper and smoke.

Patrick 90%
Wow, exactly what I expect from a blend: Complex, well balanced and easy to drink. Trèèèès easy to drink. Nose: A beautiful complex and appetizing fragrance, with hints of honey, nuts, pears, oranges and malted barley. Mouth: Oh, that's good. Oak, cereals, honey, barley, wood, dried fruits and a subtle smoke. All superbly attached by beautiful sweet grain. Final: Of a beautiful length and complex.

Dewar's Signature

43% alc./vol.

André 89%
Juicy and tasty, grape juice on a cover of cereal grains and toffee. Really beautiful on the palate where we find a good duality spices-sugar, pulling on the vanilla very creamy. The toffee-fudge is emancipated by letting the glass aerate, it becomes more and more textural and ample if it gives him time to oxygenate. The finish is a real silk in the mouth, toffee, honey and vanilla. Superb from beginning to end. Finally a blend that surprises.

RV 81.5
Really weird in the nose, between a bourbon and an average Canadian. Barley, a little flower, American heather in which there would be no trace of starch. The more he stays, the more he gets cheap-bourbonise (I hoped the opposite, I said to myself "I give him a chance to breathe"). In the mouth, cleaner, with a fairly long and uniform rye tip, or only the force varies. In a flash, the start of the final leaps and Scotland, in the high register Speyside / Northern Highlands with an aftertaste or only the sensation on the tip of the tongue is nice. Without being a bad whiskey or falling into the ranges of 72 Speysiders anonymous, not enough to make a detour.

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