Cadenhead Glenburgie-Glenlivet 23 years old

54.7% alc./vol.
1992-2015 - 456 bottles. Maturation in bourbon hogshead.

André 86.5%
Oranges, green apples, dried fruits, green grass, bananas and vanilla. The palate displays more greenish elements, fresh mint leaves, green grass in introduction, then a beautiful bowl of various fruits including oranges, cherries, pineapple, bananas and apples. Beautiful oily texture that supports the flavors well and gives a lot of mouth coating to preserve alcohol. Flambé pears, honey, pineapple, oranges, wild berries and cassonnade in the final then flown with spices and pepper.

Patrick 91%
A great whiskey. I often present a whiskey as "complex", but here it is really something! Nose: Fruits of the fields with a good dose of blackberries and a touch of vanilla. Palate: A beautiful finish in the mouth marked by burnt oak, then citrus, kiwi, caramel, vanilla and ... Celery salt. Finale: A beautiful length, floral, spicy with a touch of smoke.

Martin 88%
Oranges and leather, green grapes, dates and vanilla. Dark fruit, simple syrup. Beautiful attractive presentation. Green apples and just as green grass. Palate: Fresh cream, grilled malt, apples and pears. Oranges and oak, cinnamon and honey. Good alcohol punch, well coated with a thick fruit syrup. Finish: Sweet, peppery and woody, with hints of oranges, honey, berries and vanilla. Return of the pear. Balance: Solid, solid, solid. This is a great example of good aging without necessarily falling into exclusive sherry casks.

Gordon & MacPhail Glenburgie 10 years old

40% alc./vol.

André 80.5%
Fruity and sweet, chlorophyll and lemon. The palate offers aromas of sugarcane and grapes while the cereals take over at the end of the mouth accompanied by walnuts. What he gains in diversity and flavor in the nose, it loses texture and presence in the mouth where it remains diffuse and very evasive. The final definitely lacks refinement and distinction.

RV 82%
Construx block plastic and various steak spices, all with a touch of matches. More mouth-watering with its interesting finish that is slightly peaty and salty, almost at the Bowmore. A little more than suitable, without being revolutionary.

Patrick 82%
On the nose, plastic factory (or at least what I imagine it must feel). In the mouth, barley, a little astringent wine, with a touch of salt that gives it a dimension and extra points! A Speyside slightly above average, which does not deserve a detour to pick it up, nor a detour to avoid it. The very reasonable price will allow you to discover cheaply a well hidden distillery.

Old Malt Cask Glenburgie 18 years old

50% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead HL14246, Bottled July 1999, Bottled September 2017, 330 bottles

André 90%
Wow, what a nose! Oranges, green apples, honey, green grapes, big touching vanilla nuanced with a touch of ginger, tropical fruits, almost lemony at times. I love the muffled approach of this whiskey, the richness of the fruits, its felted and refined presentation. The texture of the mouth is silky, hyper fruity but now with accents of wild red berries and raspberries. Pods of green apples, grapes, lemon, pears, honey, vanilla, with a hint of ginger and licorice. Punched finish, spicy, green apple, sugar. Surprising, I who did not expect anything from this distillery, a beautiful discovery.

Patrick 87%
A very good whiskey, offering a nice measured intensity. The kind of whiskey always pleasant to drink. Nose: At lunch, after drinking your orange juice, you take an intense black coffee. With a touch of sugar. Palate: Salted caramel and honey on apple slices. But without the intensity of sugar that would be expected from the network such mixture, because the oak spices take a little over. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by wood spices and a touch of apple.

Old Particular Glenburgie 21 years old

51.5% alc./vol.
Sherry Butt #DL12572, June 1997, Bottled June 2018, 607 bottles

André 83%
Raspberries, cherries, apricots, pears and pear syrup, honey. Very attractive this fruity nose with the sweet inviting texture. The sherry cask is discreet, but the dried berries are definitely present in the mouth; apple pie, raspberries, fruit salad syrup, distant smoke and warehouse notes of moist earth, honey, pear syrup, creamy vanilla. Final a bit short on the astringency of dry oak wood and vanilla.

Patrick 82%
An intense whiskey, but whose balance is not extraordinary. Nose: Moist cereals, some fresh wood and herbs. Palate: Burnt wood, herbs. Intense. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the burned wood.

Martin 89.5%
Nose: cooked green apples, vanilla and cream. Red grapes, dates and prunes. Viny oak and nutmeg. Orange and cocoa. Palate: Raisins and spices, apples and oranges, hot spices and toffee. Tobacco and latte coffee. Final: Superb retro-olfaction. Barley, smoke, caramel, spices and dark chocolate. Balance: An excellent single cask, but like many old single casks, mostly from independent bottlers, a tad out of my price range.

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