Glenmorangie "A Midwinter Night's Dram"

43% alc./vol.

André 87%
Nose with velvety texture but very spicy. Fruit and orange cake, dried grapes, apples. Generously sweet, the mouth is textured and almost reminiscent of some sweet wines, then it really tastes chocolate egg-shaped stuffed with oranges (which I can not remember the name), a touch of dried fruits and sherry, cinnamon, ginger, to which will be added progressively the flavors of apples and pears. Appetizing flavors, greedy and round texture dotted with sparkles of spices. The finish is spicy, the length in the mouth is amazing, the texture is definitely one of the highlights of this whiskey. Unfortunately, the range of flavors will not surprise the taster because from the nose, the majority of flavors simply stretch to the final. An excellent dram, festive and greedy who will not empty your wallet by going to the checkout (70 $), which will leave you more money to buy your Christmas presents!

Patrick 90%
Although it is recommended to drink this Scotch in winter, I think it can be excellent in all seasons! Maybe it's because the coldest Scottish winters look like our spring? Nose: Sweet oranges, caramel, nuts, some vinous notes. Alluring! Mouth: Yum yum! Fruits, chocolate, spices, nuts, butter sweets and a subtle touch of orange. Finish: Long and tasty, marked by orange, wood spices and a touch of chocolate subtle.

Glenmorangie 10 years

40% alc./vol.
The main production is the Glenmorangie single malt whiskey range, which is also used in two of its other products, Bailie Nicol Jarvie and Highland Queen, brands of Scottish blended whiskey.

André 86%
Disarming simplicity and finesse, this fruity and malty single malt carries aromas and aromas ... with a little water, the banana smell is stunning.

Patrick 86%
Spicy nose and rich ... Interesting ... really gives the taste to taste! To taste, the spices, then the sweet malt, which offers an interesting contrast. A good Scotch, excellent value for money.

Glenmorangie 10 years old Cellar 13

43% alc./vol.
The difference between Cellar 13 and Glenmorangie 10 years lies in the cellars where it was matured. Cellar number 13 is the one located at the edge of the sea. It is slightly saltier, more iodized, than the traditional 10 years.

André 87%
Essence of vanilla and almond paste. Liquid finish on notes of toffee, honey and vanilla followed quickly by the fruits (peach and honey melon). The finish is drier but still supported by vanilla and sweet bourbon-like fragrances. Superbly well balanced, apart from its slightly clear finish and its somewhat dry finish but brilliant in its difference from other expressions in the Glenmorangie range. I just love it !

RV 83%
In short. Grain slightly sweet and burnt. In the mouth, development similar to smell, and even if it takes up space, it also looks like it is empty. The right kind of whiskey but for which there is little to write or describe.

Patrick 86%
Dried oak and bourbon touch. To taste, the bourbon seems more present and the oak goes from dried to slightly burned. In the final, the bourbon spices evolve towards a sweet side, to see fruity. Definitely interesting for the oak lovers in their whiskey! The whole is well balanced, and offers a nice evolution of flavors in the mouth.

Glenmorangie 10 years old Original

40% alc./vol.
Glenmorangie uses different types of barrels, but all production is aged in white oak barrels made from trees grown in Glenmorangie's own forest in the Ozark Mountains, Missouri, USA. The new barrels are left in the open for two years before being rented to Jack Daniel's and Heaven Hills distillers for the maturation of their four-year-old bourbon. These casks are then used with the alcohols of the Glenmorangie distillery.

André 86%
A surprise on the whole line for this version of line entry of the distillery, of a flexibility and a big generosity. Pears, peaches and fresh fruit are offered on the nose like stalls full of fresh fruit at the Vieux Port market on a hot summer day. In the final, nectarines and bananas but a slightly steep finish. A safe bet for the price, a very nice single malt.

RV 84%
PVC with frozen grape juice Welch. The fruit has difficulty in disengaging itself in the mouth, hides at the beginning of the final but gradually regains a primordial place in aftertaste, seconded by the barley which is a sidekick in the antipodes. Well designed, a more than adequate base for finishing, but I would have liked it to express itself more by itself.

Patrick 86%
On the nose, mandarins, lemon, apples, pears, and peaches. Ice Cream With Vanilla. Flowers and mint. To taste, creamy vanilla, peaches, mandarins, lemon. Nuts, spices, a little honey. In the final, the sugar of a fruit juice. Delicious, a safe value. Marries beautifully with a French cheese "Château de Bourgogne", which is a triple cream (a kind of intense brie).

Martin 88%
Very golden, I would say even pale honeycomb color. Nose: Honey, spices, caramel, vanilla, dried fruit, nectarine, flowers and traces of smoke. Looks creamy. Palate: Still spices, caramel, honey and vanilla. Notes of perfume, flowers, citrus and smoke. Touch of tiramisu. Very close to the nose. Finish: Woody and sweet, very short, dry and clean. Frankly even. Balance: Safe value. Excellent for initiation to the Highlands. Entry-level expression you can count on. More refined than Glenfiddich 12 and tastier than Glenlivet 12.

Glenmorangie 15 years

43% alc./vol.

André 91%
The nose is generously fruity but it is in the mouth that it delivers us what it has the best. The finish is also fruity with hints of bananas (typical of Glenmorangie again), unsalted almonds and moist white oak. The most surprising is the retro-olfaction which is very bourbon-flavored, sweet, but also powerful on the palate. Worth a lot of 120 $ requested and even for a single malt of 15 years.

Patrick 84%
A slight aroma of barley escapes from the glass with a slight fruity. Did I say light? I should rather say evanescent or ghostly. The delicate and fruity taste, shows a rather feminine sensibility. The kind of femininity that sings in the choir of the parish church. The final marked by juicy red berries is quite long, such as the final note of an Ave Maria who managed to wake us in time for the preaching sermon!

RV 83%
Very fresh vanilla, barley and agave sweet and warm. On the palate it is very green, but blue towards the agave to die quietly, with a decreasing curve a little too abrupt. Intriguing but lacks a bit of pep, as if she seemed to hold his cries. At over $ 100, far from being worth it for a bottle of just 15 years without a striking personality.

Glenmorangie 15 years Sauternes Wood Finish

46% alc./vol.
Old edition. 12 years in barrels of bourbon, then 2 years in casks of Sauternes.

Patrick & Pierre-Luc 89%
On the nose, smell the sugar that has heated in a saucepan and the cantaloupe. On the palate, a sweet and warm sugar with a hint of white grapes and apple honey. In the end, the heat of the sugar stretches for a long time. Less sweet than the 12 years we know today ... Or at least, more intense.

Glenmorangie 18 years (old traffic jam)

43% alc./vol.

André 83%
Not bad more edgy than the new Extremely Rare but the trio tangerine, lemon, orange is really good. Strong presence of bourbon cask (dry wood) with mint and smoked honey. Finer more fruity of a beautiful length. Well crafted but lacks refinement overall.

Patrick 84%
Nose marked by charred oak, citrus fruits, some apples and a touch of flowers and mint. To taste, caramel approach, then mint take more space, but the burnt oak returns in retro-olfaction. The finish stretches for a long time on the heat of burnt oak. The new version is definitely better.

RV 82%
Once again: Boring! Marshmallow and sweets cheap, on the palate it is quite clear but you have to be patient before the wood comes out convincingly. The sequel is in the same genre, unsurprising - even with the usual boredom of too much Glenmorangie. The same kind of usual platitude but with a sweeter nose.

Glenmorangie 18 years old Extremely Rare

43% alc./vol.
A long aging of 15 years in barrels of bourbon then 3 additional years in barrels of Oloroso Sherry.

André 87%
Woody and dry influence, vanilla. The mouth is fresh and spicy continues in the final on a drizzle smoke and a mixture of chocolate rounding everything in the mouth, which is a good thing because the first seconds in the mouth were very frank and tapered.

Patrick 89%
Lime, malt on the nose. Surprising flavor compared to the nose, offering a citrus crescendo and a touch of spice, almost smoke, which tickles the taste buds pleasantly, all married together by vanilla. The final, quite long, disappears slowly by making us discover different citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, lime, etc. Best with each sip !!

RV 81%
Hard to grasp on the nose, grain and flour for bread, seal oil and peat moss. The baking powder attacks the tongue, but a citrus marmalade takes the place and extends to the final in the middle of a burned hay bale that is watered. Do not taste its age, and despite its beautiful box, its price easily 50 $ too expensive in fact a bottle that is better to stay on the shelves.

Glenmorangie 19 years

43 %% alc./vol.
Glenmorangie 19 is a whiskey aged exclusively in old bourbon casks. The barrels that compose the blend were chosen because of their aromatic freshness and citrus and vegetable notes. Glenmorangie 19 years is available in limited edition in duty free shop.

André 92%
What a superb edition that combines know-how, balance and the backbone of the distillery. The spirit of Glenmorangie, with its fine and sweet flavors allies so well with the bourbon cask. The amateurs of Glenmorangie Original and 18 years will be in known ground; citrus fruits, pears, pineapple, honey melon, apricots, green apples. Ultimate creaminess in the mouth, Bazooka gum powder, light floral, then the mouth confirms the smell of the nose; honey, fruit salad syrup, oranges, pears, honey melon, apricots, peaches, lemon, vanilla. Good dose of sugar, white chocolate, a dessert whiskey! Refreshing finish, fleshy fruits and nice lemony notes and oranges. A disarming simplicity that envelops you and wins you a lot of flavors. My next duty-free purchase!

Glenmorangie 23 years 1963

43% alc./vol.
15 bottle of 50.

André 91%
Fruit paste, figs, raisins, dates, coconut and nuts, furry peaches, caramel. In the mouth, many dates and figs, dried fruits are omnipresent, black cherries, grapes, fruit paste, dark chocolate. Oranges appear after a while, but the chocolate sensation is really unique. Long finish, but incredibly sweet, dark chocolate stuffed with dried fruit and orange. A whiskey unique in its history. I admit that it is difficult to put in context the value of it versus the flavors and the rendering in the mouth. But the overall experience is definitely unique. Guaranteed sensations.

Patrick 93%
An exceptional balance for an exceptional whiskey. It is always difficult to judge such whiskey impartially (when not served blind), but I can say unequivocally that it is an excellent whiskey. Nose: Intense raisins, nuts and a little sawdust. Everything is married together in a rather captivating way that encourages us not to dwell on the perfume that emanates from our glass, to plunge into more wait. Palate: Upon arrival, beautiful spices tickle the tongue, spices that evolve quickly to a rather surprising sweet fruit juice, the latter being wrapped in a surprising hint of salty dark chocolate. Finish: Long and warm, with hints of spicy caramel, orange, dark chocolate and ripe fruit. In short, the perfect finish that makes us almost cry when we see that we just drink the last sip.

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