Game of Thrones House Lannister Lagavulin 9 years old

46% alc./vol.

André 90%
A Lagavulin hybrid, a Laproaigvulin ... The nose is punches and typical; maritime and camphor, tasty blend of vanilla and mashed bananas, lemon citrus, powerful smoke, sensation of chalk powder, red apples, pears, salted caramel, undeniable maritime spirit. Beautiful texture in the mouth, the flavors are intense and defined; marmalade of grapes, apples, pears, bananas, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, oranges, salted caramel, smoked meat, peat moss, kelp, phenolic smoke. Many inputs from bourbon cask and a touch of sherry (probably). Peat is potent, phenolic, eucalyptus sweets and maritime enbrils. The finish is a little short, dry, camphorated.

Patrick 92%
Lagavulin, just like House Lannister, is made to rule. Even if it is relatively young here, one feels from the first scents that it is a product that is not addressed to the plebs, but to powerful and intelligent people. Nose: The incomparable peat smoke of Lagavulin with a touch of tar, discrete salt, wood and herbs. Palate: Salt, tarred peat smoke, spicy wood and a touch of caramel and vanilla. Finale: Of a beautiful length, smoke, salty and subtly sweet.

Martin 93%
Nose: Peat in a casket of sherry, iron hand in a velvet glove, just like the house Lannister. Tundra, caramel, sea peat and berries. Apple-grape juice. Intoxicating smoke. Palate: Silky and sensual texture, fruity peat, oak wood, spices, sherry and orange. Very vinous, tannins, leather and caramel. Raspberry jams. Delicious. Final: Sweet and full-bodied at a time, on a long bewitching period. Oak saturated with sherry and spices, discrete and salty smoke at the same time. Balance: The big winner of the series. In almost every work of fiction, the villain is always more complex. Here we are entitled to a great Lagavulin, its only weak point being that just like the Lannisters, we knew what to expect. Tywin must have casks and barrels under the foundations of Casterly Rock.

Lagavulin 12 years 1995-2008

48% alc./vol.
Bottled specifically for Friends of Classic Malts, #02976 bottle. Aged exclusively in European sherry oak barrels.

André 92.5%
Classic Lagavulin in the approach but tenderized by the notes of sherry fruit. The nose is fully spicy but keeps a nice roundness despite the maritime and peaty tendencies, black licorice, soft vanilla, honey. The palate is vigorous but languorous, still displaying its maritime masculine duality of sea salt and phenolic peat opposing with the flavors of red fruits and melancholic spices. Oily texture with citrus accents and mouth-watering peaty-fruity peat finish really superb. Amazing to have a whiskey with such powerful flavors that is so sweet in the mouth. Finale with a touch of oak wood, honeyed vanilla, then expertly orchestrated sherry-smoked-spun blend.

Patrick 96%
When you say "Lagavulin has it's best", that's saying something! At 48% more alcohol, we could not ask for more! A stellar whiskey, definitely out of this world! It's been 15 years that I look for, better than that, it does not exist! Nose: intense sherry, delicate smoke, touch of tar, good bottom of peat and messy envelope of the most pleasant. Palate: Beautiful oily texture, sherry, burnt oak, spices, smoke, subtle red licorice and equally discreet dark chocolate. Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy and smoke.

Martin 93%
Beautiful deep hue that betrays his education in sherry. Nose: Peat slightly salty but who knows how to stand straight. Beautiful sherry notes that harmonize with the smoke. Raisins and oak. Palate: Sparkling red fruits, spices, grapes on one side, sweet phenols from the maritime smoke on the other. Final: The oak and sherry are in a proportion that marry perfectly the peat perfectly dosed Lagavulin. Balance: Already a classic? We hope so. Still a little far from dethroning the 16 years, but it's a malt that requires its place in your whiskey cabinet.

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength (Third release) 1991

57.8% alc./vol.

André 92.5%
Nose with puzzling sweetness for whiskey so alcoholic. Focus on smoked grains and medicinal peat, nose of citrus fruits and oranges, cold ash, pumice dust, light acidulous. The palate is powerful and maritime, many phenolic peat flavors sharpened by powerful alcohol but still rounded off by sweet notes and vanilla. The texture of the mouth is very masculine, a little raspy but the majority of the flavors are sweet and pleasant, small accents of green grass that mixes with the oily and filthy peat, fresh pears, citrus, campfire. Long finish, supple and oily, phenolic and assertive. It made a beautiful bottle to open for my party!

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength 1991

57.8% alc./vol.
A cask strength edition of Lagavulin bottled in 2003 from first generation American oak barrels.

RV 92%
Olfactive spice race with pepper and juniper head, but exceeded by yellow mustard grains propelled by the very present alcohol. Arrival somewhat timid, but with a development in phases; first mustard, spices and alcohol, well controlled by a smoke that comes just before the final rather quiet. By cons, this tranquility installs very well aftertaste in spices softer, soothing and soothing length. If the 16YO is a sweet end of the evening in a simple yet comfortable country house attic, this 12YO is the hot smoked meat tasted on a small table in front of the old, still hot stove.

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength 1994

57.8% alc./vol.
A special edition of Lagavulin, bottled in 2006 with the strength of the barrel directly from first generation American oak barrels.

André 90%
In my opinion, high alcohol levels spoil the very roots of traditional Lagavulin. But to have the chance to taste the Lagavulin "raw" as here, it is what we can qualify as privilege.

RV 90%
Smoked, bay leaf. Pepper. Large bottle in itself, but lower than 16.

Patrick 92%
Smoked, peat, peppered explosive; Very light fruity. Lagavulin, always my favorite.

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength 2000

56.1% alc./vol.

Patrick 93%
Aromas of sea air and coal, with less peat than I would have expected. On the palate, salt, peat and ripe red fruits. In the end, the smoked peat finally express itself with all the strength that was expected. Definitely the best edition of the 12 aged cask strength that I have tasted.

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength 2003

57.8% alc./vol.

Patrick 94%
Lagavulin. Do I need to say more? Nose: Intense peat fragrance, with salt, citrus, vanilla, oak and happiness in my heart. Palate: Spicy finish on the palate, which evolves rapidly to a powerful peat smoke, all with hints of pepper, citrus, oak, charcoal and sea salt. Finish: Long and super tasty, dominated by oak spices and sea salt.

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength 2015

56.8% alc./vol.

André 88%
A lot of peat here, no surprises, but full notes of maritime citrus, lemony sensation, crackers salted with butter, vanilla, pears, honey and green wood, a little grassy even, minty and fresh. Oily mouth, peat, mixed soil of wet grass, tropical fruits, spicy sharp, spicy pepper spikes. The texture is inferior to the 2016 edition even if we quickly notice the concern of the presentation, tasty medicinal notes. The finish is copiously peppery and spicy and for my part the notes of green wood bother me a little. Finished up, many camphor and earthy notes and greenish flavors (leaves and green wood). Not my favorite edition of 12 years old but a quality that many distilleries aspire one day to deliver to their consumers.

Patrick 90%
Intense and tasty, complex and superbly balanced. I would bring any whiskey from this distillery with me to a deserted island. Nose: Burnt peat, salt, pepper and ... boiled vegetables? Palate: Salt, peat smoke, pepper, burnt wood and a very subtle sweet barley note. Nice oily texture. Finale: Long, smoky, peppery and especially intense!

Lagavulin 12 years old Cask Strength 2016 200th Anniversary

57.7% alc./vol.

André 95%
Classic nose representative of the distillery; powerful peat but with the right balance, greenish and camphoric elements, vanilla and caramelized sugar, citrus seasoned with a maritime touch and oranges. The texture on the palate is unique, silky and round even if sprinkled with spices that explode like small fireworks in the mouth. Very citrusy set with a tasty sea pepper and spicy freshness delivered on a cloud of peat smoke and potholed asphalt vapors just repaired. The finish is sweet, long, though unambiguous. The cornerstone of this whiskey is its unique texture that serves as a backdrop to the multitude of maritime and peat flavors. I must admit, I fell in love with it ...

Patrick 91%
Very complex and well balanced as only Lagavulin knows how to get there. I just love it. Nose: Smoke of peat, sweet citrus, barley. Palate: Intense smoke and pepper in the first place. Then a little honey, salt and burnt wood. Finale: Beautiful, intense and tasty finish, with a nice oily texture.

Lagavulin 14 years

56.5% alc./vol.
Distilled in 1993 and bottled in 2007. Warehouse #1, drum #4893, bottle #0671, this bottling is only available at the distillery.

Patrick 94%
On the nose, the incomparable complexity of Lagavulin. Rich peat, light smoke, blackberries and traces of citrus. To taste, everything seems to explode, with red fruits, fruit cake and peat. The finish is always marked by peat and fruits. Wow. When I die, if I go to Heaven, I will certainly wake up on Islay!

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