Gordon & MacPhail Collection Tamdhu 8 years

40% alc./vol.

Martin 79%
Legs expected of such a rate of alcohol, on the golden tones of a radiant sun. Nose: Alcohol very present, but which slowly changes to the nail polish remover and finally ends in vanilla, powdered sugar, lemon, grapes and wood chips. A second nose reveals in a little way the small fermented berries that make the birds drunk. Palate: Cream of English, dried fruits and citrus. We continue on a little grass and caramel to finish on an oak wood asserted. Young but determined. Finish: Very short, with pleasant notes of chocolate, oak, citrus and vanilla. The badly controlled alcohol comes to break the party. Balance: Loses points on the duration of the final and on its low alcohol level, maladaptive to the potential of this bottling. Still remains a Dr Dr 5 in 7 summer.

Hepburn's Choice Tamdhu Single Cask 12 2001

46% alc./vol.
Bottled in 2013, 367 bottles.

André 86%
Grassy and vanilla nose, orange and honey flavors. I did not expect to be dismounted but I admit that the nose is a little soporific. The mouth is astonishing in its strength and stature, spiced with conviction, lots of grass and cereal flavors, orange pods, dark chocolate and even this sensation of virgin oak latent expressed through notes of lemon and Limoncello liqueur. Final dry and spicy, whiskey definitely surprises despite its young age, the final is long and well supported.

Patrick 87%
A very summer whiskey. Luckily I tasted it in June, because in 6 months it probably would not have had such a good rating !! Still, it is hot and this whiskey is perfect for the occasion! Nose: Very grassy, ​​with hints of orange and honey. Pleasant. Palate: Herbs and spices in the first place, with more subtle notes of orange, dark chocolate and citrus. Final: A little short, but nice.

Old Particular Tamdhu 11 years old

48.4% alc./vol.
Sherry Butt #DL12577, November 2006, Bottled May 2018, 407 bottles.

André 83%
Carried on cereals and vanilla from the barrel, dried wood and pears, melon with honey, mashed apples. Very peppery in the mouth, good dose of cinnamon too, despite the creaminess of honey and vanilla relegated to the background. We still have notes of pears and apple pie, dried cereals and fruit salad. Long finish very peppery and with a touch of oranges.

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey, with a lot more pep than most whiskeys I have drunk from this distillery. Nose: cooked apples, citrus and a maritime note. Palate: First the citrus fruits, then the fruits that were cooked, a little salt and a woody touch. Finale: A good length, salty and spicy.

Martin 83.5%
Nose: Tropical fruits, especially pineapple. Light vanilla and smoke. Shy notes of stewed potatoes and cinnamon. Palate: Delicately peated fruit salad. Barley and peach apple. Oak and white pepper. Final: A skilful recovery of the flavors expressed since the beginning of the trip. Balance: Without throwing me down my chair, I must admit that this whiskey enjoys a consistency that I have not seen often, and at all stages.

Provenance Tamdhu 12 years

46% alc./vol.
Distilled March 2004, Bottled August 2016

André 84.5%
Oranges, citrus, honey, oaky nose, vanilla, crème brûlée. The palate is sweet, but punched on spices, honey, vanilla and citrus, the charred barrel is very present as announced the nose, it also reveals a touch of crushed black pepper. The finish is straight and smooth, medium length, lots of vanilla accents and oak wood.


40% alc./vol.
Built in 1897 by a group of assemblers, the Tamdhu distillery, whose name means "little black hill" in Gaelic, soon became the property of Highland Distillers ... until today! A quiet story, therefore, despite a dormant 1927 1947. Enlarged and modernized in the 70 years, Tamdhu saw the number of stills move to 4 and 6 1975. Today, it is one of the few distilleries to malt all of their barley in their walls; the wooden fermentation tanks also bring a traditional touch to a modern production unit.
Tamdhu whiskey is almost totally used for blends like The Famous Grouse, J & B and Cutty Sark.

André 83%
Fruity, strawberries? Seabed.

RV 81.5%
A short paragraph with a pale writing in the single malt book. Vanilla, unripened small grain and fine pollen floral. Caramelized arrival and the final is clover honey, like the Highland Park a little more boring. For 18 at 118 years, but could probably be suitable for newborns

Patrick 81%
Leafy wet, a little grass, a little spicy. Refreshing, very good for the summer. Interesting, good value for money.

Tamdhu 10 years old Sherry Matured

43% alc./vol.

André 80%
Poor Sherry, light cheese and some smells that could almost be associated with new oak, vanilla and some spices. Sherry is puny and a little clumsy. Breathing, the whiskey becomes more and more creamy, dry fruits emerge, supported by a good dose of vanilla and caramel. Good kick of spices, fluid but pleasant texture. Purple grapes and crescendo spice (ginger and cinnamon) strongly supported, then powerful sherry whatever diluted. The finish is spicy and fruity, beautiful durability but use sherry cask somewhat doubtful.

Patrick 90%
An excellent whiskey, meeting all expectations for a Speyside Scotch, aged in sherry casks and sold at this price. Bravo. (Definitely, André and I have not tasted the same batch!) Nose: Fragrance dominated by the aroma of sweet sherry, with hints of milk chocolate, a ripe fruit dish and a subtle touch of oak. Enticing. Palate: A superb warm sherry, sweet and spicy all at the same time. Always with chocolate, but a little blacker than the nose and served on a board of burnt oak. Finish: A beautiful length, stretches on ripe fruit and burnt oak.

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