Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak

46% alc./vol.
The result of an assemblage composed of 40% second-fill quarter casks, 40% first-fill ex-bourbon barrels and 20% first-fill Oloroso Sherry hogsheads.

André 82%
The same almonds found in the Northland, white flowers and vanilla bean, green grapes, pears, malted cereals, dried fruit and very distant sherry, caramel. The nose is once again agricultural, a little greenish in the inspired colors, but rounder than the first issue of this distillery. The texture on the palate is really good, a little mineral and ashy too, red apples, fruit marmalade, peppery dried fruits supported and accompanied by a diffused smoke of organic peat. Finale of medium length, mix of dried fruit and citrus fruits with a peppered and smoked back and a bit of sea salt.

Patrick 82%
Another Wolfburn a little too young, but promising. Nose: Ripe fruit, malt, a touch of caramel and a little wood. Palate: Spicy wood, some ripe fruit and caramel. The whole looks rather young. Final: Medium length, marked by alcohol.

Martin 82%
Nose: Green grape, vanilla and white sugar. Grilled malt, caramel and wine. Beautiful touches scattered with oak. Fresh grass, youthful wind. Palate: Wood, red fruits, spices, barley and grass. Caramel and vanilla, touch of sherry. The youth of all the elements gives a general acidity to the whole which is more or less desired. Finish: Rather short, spicy and woody, some hints of sherry cask, although the youth and the watery texture leave us a less good impression. Balance: Aging, Aging, Aging. This is missing. The backbone is not bad, but it takes patience. Nowadays the distilleries absolutely want to fill the demand, but at what price?

Wolfburn Langskip Cask Strength

58% alc./vol.
Maturation in first-fill bourbon cask.

André 81.5%
Dried fruits, oranges, icing sugar, vanilla, dried cereal grains, ginger, pears, grassy too. The palate is powerful and astringent, peppery even if fruity (kind of tropical fruit salad), oranges, citrus, honey and vanilla. We still find this strange mineral sensation in the mouth, which makes the whiskey a little chilly to reveal. The herbs tend towards the feeling of fresh menthol which slices abruptly with ground pepper and ginger. It's a bit difficult to follow as an episode of flavors. The first fill bourbon cask is noticeable, but the spices, combined with the alcohol content, make the whiskey sharp and vivid until the final. I remain on my hunger.

Patrick 84%
A nice and interesting whiskey for whiskey "trunks"! For others, we will wait a few more years knowing that what is coming is still promising. Nose: Touch of smoke and apples with a touch of caramel and a subtle hint of vanilla. Palate: Beautiful spices, some grapes, charred wood and some citrus fruits. Final: Charred wood and citrus fruits. Unfortunately, the strength of raw alcohol that is discreet at first in the mouth, is not at all rendered here.

Martin 85%
Nose: Apples, white flowers, yellow grass and vanilla. A touch of spice and light caramel. The alcohol is discreet. Palate: Honey, powdered sugar, drop of smoke. White grapes, oak and spices. Still very tasty. Finish: Long and hot on notes of pink pepper, wood, smoke and orange. Balance: Beautiful complexity, without going into extremes. By cons we can see the merits of the strength of the barrel.

Wolfburn Morven Lightly Peated

46% alc./vol.
Thurso's wolf returns to the front of the stage with this fully peated expression. Morven takes its name from the highest mountain in the Caithness region, entirely surrounded by peat bogs, most of which are impenetrable.

André 84%
Notes of earthy peat smoke, herbaceous and maritime, vanilla, green grapes, floral too, citrus salad. Intense and luscious palate, greasy peat and a little dirty, earthy, sea breams, flesh fruits, pineapple, pear syrup, apples, almonds. Too bad the texture is so evasive. Short peppery and peaty finish, hints of ginger and sea salt.

Patrick 85%
Thanks to a higher level of peat, this Wolfburn manages to hide his young age quite well, to give us a nice and pleasant experience. Probably the first Wolfburn you can have fun drinking without necessarily being a "geeky whiskey". Nose: Fragrance marked by peat smoke, with hints of citrus and some vanilla, all masking a rather young spirit. Palate: Peppermint smoke of a beautiful intensity, with light spices, a floral touch and a hint of vanilla. Finish: Medium length, with peat smoke, citrus and floral notes.

Martin 84%
Nose: More bland than I expected. Looks a lot like the regular Wolfburn 3 years old, but it looks like peat smothers the other flavors but does not take its rightful place. A little citrus, a little salt. Palate: Fresh and green, without letting the peat take up all the space. Green grapes, spices, morning dew, cantaloupe and diluted honey. Finale: Nice length, light and spicy smoke at the same time, sea salt, light peat. a little green wood. Balance: If the texture had been at the rendezvous, we would have here a nice malt rather than tasty. Good test, enwèye Wolfburn esti continues like this ...

Wolfburn No.128 Small Batch Release

46% alc./vol.
Maturation in First Fill ex-bourbon cask of 100 liters. Limited edition of 6000 bottles.

André 86.5%
Salad of wet green grass seasoned with a squeezed lemon splash, sea salt enbrums, vanilla and orange ice cream. Seriously, I am very pleasantly surprised at the approach of this whiskey. 4 range that I have been able to evaluate to date is the most balanced. In the mouth, wow ... Crème brûlée, caramel, honey, vanilla, oranges, pears, apricots, a touch of salt and distant smoke, sliced ​​waves of woody spices and black pepper. There is also a touch of heather in bloom that serves as a backdrop. We imported a Caribbean island in the North Sea ??? We can barely distinguish between the hints of the whiskey's youth and its provenance in the finish of the mouth, a thin bit of greenish wood and dried sea salt on the lips during a hike on the beach at Wick, eyes to the Orkney Islands and the Arctic Circle. A whiskey in the image of three of his personality traits; bourbon cask, seaside and promising youth. Superb.

Patrick 86%
A beautiful complex and interesting whiskey to drink. Not a super star, but pleasant, a great way to discover a promising distillery. In fact, the taste deserves a few more points, but the final a little too short prevents me from giving more points. Nose: Smoke of diffuse peat, sea salt, citrus fruits and some fresh wood. Palate: The smoke, without having the intensity of a Laphroaig, is definitely not subtle! Then, salt, citrus, dry wood and a floral touch. Finale: A little short, peppery and floral.

Wolfburn Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

46% alc./vol.
The first single malt produced at the distillery. Located in Thurso in the heart of Scotland's northernmost region, Wolfburn has been writing a new chapter in Scotch Whiskey history since 2013, reviving one of the iconic distilleries of the 19th century (located at 350m of the new distillery) . It is produced from local ingredients and from the same source of water as the original distillery. Custom-made by master distiller Shane Fraser, this whiskey is the result of a number of essential factors: carefully selected local ingredients, mineral-rich water, slow fermentation and gentle distillation to harvest only the purest part of the distillate. Some of the Quarter Cask barrels used in this bottling have previously served the aging of smoked whiskey on the Isle of Islay.

André 80.5%
Fruit salad, green apples, vanilla, dried cereals, honey, citrus and lemon, organic peat far away. We quickly understand that we are dealing with a whiskey very young by its approach a bit lame and frank. The palate is alkaline and mineral, stone dust, herbaceous and earthy peat, eucalyptus, a little medicinal, honey and cereals, vanilla, raisins, plums. The whiskey is monotonous, the texture purified, almost too liquid, no trace of fat or oil. The flavors are a little bland and erased too. Is there a right to ex Laphroaig Quarter Cask? Astringent, peppery and phenolic end of medicinal type, long and very spicy, non-salted almonds. The whiskey also leaves a powdery and salty layer in the mouth very weird.

Patrick 80%
For a new make, it's good! But for a "scotch", there is still work to be done, even if the result is promising. I will therefore reserve my final judgment for a few years, while promising to buy their next bottling to follow the evolution. It's not Kilchoman, but it's still interesting. Nose: Citrus fruits, bananas, malt, the whole being sweet and subtly smoked. Palate: The new make is not far, with a good dose of smoke, some fruits and a touch of sugar. Final: Of a beautiful length, marked by the new make and the smoke.

Martin 82.5%
Nose: Fruit salad with syrup, honey, vanilla and powdered sugar. Dry oak. White flowers. Nothing surprising, but nothing very dangerous either. Palate: Barley and table syrup, wood and spices, simmered fruit and caramel. Once again nothing stellar. Finish: Long and hot, sprinkled with notes of alcohol, caramel, wood and spices. A nice little go back. Balance: We do not hate, but we do not love it either. Still, I can not wait to see what Wolfburn will offer us later.

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