Wolfburn No.128 Small Batch Release

46% alc./vol.
Maturation in First Fill ex-bourbon cask of 100 liters. Limited edition of 6000 bottles.

André 86.5%
Salad of wet green grass seasoned with a squeezed lemon splash, sea salt enbrums, vanilla and orange ice cream. Seriously, I am very pleasantly surprised at the approach of this whiskey. 4 range that I have been able to evaluate to date is the most balanced. In the mouth, wow ... Crème brûlée, caramel, honey, vanilla, oranges, pears, apricots, a touch of salt and distant smoke, sliced ​​waves of woody spices and black pepper. There is also a touch of heather in bloom that serves as a backdrop. We imported a Caribbean island in the North Sea ??? We can barely distinguish between the hints of the whiskey's youth and its provenance in the finish of the mouth, a thin bit of greenish wood and dried sea salt on the lips during a hike on the beach at Wick, eyes to the Orkney Islands and the Arctic Circle. A whiskey in the image of three of his personality traits; bourbon cask, seaside and promising youth. Superb.

Patrick 86%
A beautiful complex and interesting whiskey to drink. Not a super star, but pleasant, a great way to discover a promising distillery. In fact, the taste deserves a few more points, but the final a little too short prevents me from giving more points. Nose: Smoke of diffuse peat, sea salt, citrus fruits and some fresh wood. Palate: The smoke, without having the intensity of a Laphroaig, is definitely not subtle! Then, salt, citrus, dry wood and a floral touch. Finale: A little short, peppery and floral.

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